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Q: Is there a way to schedule the volunteers repetitively for the same job type and same day of the week throughout the year?

A: Yes, but the concept is a bit different than Schedules in the Reporter.

It sounds like you have already placed your volunteers and their placements continue until you end them. If this is not the case you would go to Placements from the main menu and place all of your volunteers and Add them to the jobs they will be doing.

Then, you can Add or Edit the days and shifts on the Availability tab.

Reference Codes | Available Times

You can customize this list - Add or Edit to it.

Assign each volunteer all the shifts and days that they work.

Then, you create a filter for example people that work on Mondays | Shift 8am - noon.

Call the Filter Name Availability and Save it. Scroll down to Available Times | highlight the line by clicking on it and Edit the limitation.

Make sure there are two double arrow check marks next to your selection by clicking on each one. Save and Close.

From Reports | Volunteer Reports | click on Volunteers and Jobs. On the Filter field, click on the Availability filter on the drop down list and Preview or Print/Export to create a list of all of your volunteers and jobs that work on Monday - Shift 8am - noon.

Revised 04/Aug/2011

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