Send & Receive

Uploading and Downloading Data

You will use the Send & Receive Wizard often to communicate with the Web Assistant server. Like with an email program, but in this case no communication happens with the Web Assistant server until you click on this button. For example, no settings you have changed or messages you have composed will be sent until you click on this button.

The Send & Receive button

Note: Before you perform a Send & Receive, make sure all of your volunteers [and supervisors] have Placements in the Reporter and usernames in the Web Assistant so that they can login and enter hours online.

Click the Send & Receive button.

The Send & Receive first screen

Click Next.

Send Volunteers Data

The Wizard enables you to send Volunteers' names including their current passwords, placements, and recent hours. You can send all of your volunteers or you can filter the list if you only want some of your volunteers to be able to enter their hours online.

The Send & Receive wizard send-volunteers screen

Click Next when it's ready.

The Send & Receive wizard send-jobs screen

Send Jobs Data

The Wizard next enables you to send a list of Job opportunities to post on the web. Unlike when sending volunteers, you'll probably want to filter the list of jobs often to include just certain jobs that you want to advertise. Whether you filter the list or not, you can choose what order the jobs will be listed in order to show more important or timely jobs at the top of the list.

The Sort Jobs button

To rearrange the order of your jobs list, click the Sort Jobs button.

The Sort Jobs screen

Send Settings Data and Download Hours and Applications

Finally, the Send & Receive Wizard enables you to receive hours and applications as well as send and receive messages. You will normally leave these two checked so that you get the newest data entered by your volunteers. After you click on the Finish button, the Reporter will communicate with the Web Assistant server via the Internet and send and receive your data. Any data received will automatically be shown on the various tabs of the Web Assistant screen.

The final wizard screen

The Sending & receiving data progress bar

Click OK and you are done.

The finished screen


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