Service Categories v5.9 (only) Update Utility

The Service Categories show up in the Reporter in the Jobs section, because Service Categories are specific to individual jobs. They are defined by the Corporation. Service Categories are editable, but we never recommend editing them except for updating to the Corporation's changes. In January of 2012, CNCS revised the Service Categories and Focus Areas. In the Reporter v5.9 the Focus Areas are still called Issue Areas which correspond to the formerly called Service Category Groupings. They become Focus Areas in v6.0. To update Service Categories in v6.0, access its utility on the File menu.

We updated the Data Utilities to automatically update all service categories and Issue Areas to the new ones. The utility is posted on the web at Running it will upgrade your Srvice Categories to match the new official list from the CNCS.

You can check and/or update your Service Categories by using the Utility.

It's fairly automatic. It will work so fast you'll think it didn't do anything.

Quick Overview

  1. Download the utility into the Reporter's Program folder.
  2. Backup the Reporter database (refer to backup steps).
  3. Close the Reporter. Run the Data Utility.
  4. Follow the steps in the To-Do List.
  5. Delete the Out-of-Date Issue Areas.

First: Determine the Path to the Reporter Program Folder

Warning! Warning! datautil.exe MUST be saved to the Reporter's Program folder. To locate the Reporter's Program folder, in the Volunteer Reporter click on the Help menu | About the Volunteer Reporter.
Note the path to the Reporter\Program Folder.

Open 'About the Volunteer Reporter' from the Help menu.

Write down the path to the Program Folder.

Download the Utility

  1. Download
  2. Save it to the Reporter\Program folder.
  3. Close The Reporter.
  4. In Windows view of your computer directories find datautil.exe in the Reporter\Program folder.
  5. Click on the Program folder.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If it says, "DataUtil.exe already exists, Do you want to replace it?" Click Yes.

Run the Data Utility

After downloading, Click Run to start the datautil.exe. Follow the instructions on each screen.

Run the Data Utility.

Click Check Service Categories.

Run the Data Utility.

Click the second Check Service Categories button.

Run the Data Utility.

You will receive a message like either of these.

Run the Data Utility.

Run the Data Utility.

Click Convert Service Categories.

Run the Data Utility.

If you haven't already, please stop and make a backup of your data before continuing.

Stop and make a backup? Choose: [Yes | No]

Run the Data Utility.

Finished. I'll show you the results now.

I'll show you the results now.

The To-Do List

The "To Do" List should automatically open a file named BHNConversion.txt in NotePad or other text editor. Or you can click: View "To Do" List to open it. (Otherwise, look for it inside the Reporter's Program folder.)

Run the Data Utility.

Each "To Do" List will be different.

The To Do' List

Reassign every job's Service Category on your list:
Jobs/Clients | Info tab | Edit | Select new Service Category.

When you are finished, delete the Service Categories with ZZZ prefixed to their titles.

The To Do' List

The To Do' List

If the Reporter will not let you delete a Service Category after you have reassigned all your jobs, the job is probably terminated. Check your terminated jobs and reassign all those. Then you can delete all the obsolete Service Categories.

Check your terminated jobs and reassign all those.

Final Step: Delete Out-of-Date Issue Areas

At the end a section tells you to delete up to 3 left over issue areas once you have deleted all of the ZZZ service categories. There are 3 issue areas that are no longer used, but they won't be automatically deleted during the process if some of the ZZZ codes still refer to them. They are "Human Needs," "Homeland Security," and "Housing."

At the end of your custom report, the To-Do List, the following section refers to the 3 obsolete Issue Areas:


Lastly, delete any of these left over Issue Areas (Focus Areas).

Out-of-Date Issue Areas
Human Needs
Homeland Security

End of "To Do" List

Reference Codes | Job/Client Codes | Issue Areas

Delete the left over Issue Areas


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