Service Categories

The Service Categories are attached to each job in the Reporter. Service Categories are grouped according to the Corporation's designations. You can see the Service Category Groupings in the Reference Codes menu | Service Category organized within their appropriate Service Categories. In Version 5.5 the Service Categories eliminated the number and letter designations, according to Corporation specs.

The Reporter automatically registers the Service Category Grouping when you select a Service Category from the drop-down list in Jobs on the Name screen, so you have no need of entering that grouping. You will see the grouping when you run a report.

Reports which include Service Category Groupings are:

This report is based on hours. It brings up all service categories even if they have zero hours. If the "Include Jobs with 0 Hours" checkbox is checked, It will then report how many jobs [plus %, number of volunteers, and number of stations] have zero hours.

Sorting to Print or View

Service Categories are listed alphabetically by category name under Reference Codes if they are turned on in the Preferences.

Printing [or Previewing] Service Categories defaults to Alphabetical. If you want the Service Groups in alpha order with each Service Category, click on Reference Codes | Service Categories | Print | Change the Sort Order to Group then Alphabetical. This will put the Groups in alpha order and the corresponding Service Categories in alpha order within each group.


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