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To match a volunteer skill to a requested skill by a Job/Client, e.g., volunteer shoppers with clients requesting shoppers, use the Skills feature. This is easy but may require some setup if you have not used Skills before. You can select up to 3 skills in Jobs/Clients and an unlimited number of skills for volunteers. Then use the Match feature in either section to identify volunteers who have the same skill(s) as those requested by jobs. Both sections share the same skills list, to which you can add new skills.

Skills Requested in Jobs/Clients

In the Jobs/Clients section which skills (up to three) does this job require of its volunteers? These are from the same skills bank that is used when noting all skills that a volunteer possesses or is interested in doing. The Volunteer Reporter uses this information to help you try to match qualified volunteers with jobs requesting specific skills. Here we tell the Volunteer Reporter which skills a job needs, while in the Match section we prepare the matchup between volunteers and jobs.

In the Jobs/Clients section on the Info tab, choose the Skills Requested. Click Edit | Click on Skills Requested 1 | Select a skill on the list. Repeat if the Job/Client requests more skills.

Jobs/Clients Volunteer section | Info tab| Edit | Skills Requested 1 | Highlight a Skill | OK.

Add a requested skill to the client record

Volunteer Skills

In the Volunteer Profile click Edit Volunteer to select this person's skills.

Click Edit Volunteer

Scroll down to Skills. You can see the whole list of skills. Add a Skill by clicking once on a skill to mark it with the double arrows (>>) to its left.

Add a Skill

After you click OK, on the volunteer's Profile in the Skills field you will see only the skills you have selected for that volunteer.

Selected skills

Match in Volunteers

In The Volunteer Profile you can match Volunteers with certain skills to jobs which request those skills. The Match button is still there in the Jobs screens. Click the Print button Print button at the bottom of the Volunteer Profile screen and choose the Volunteer Match report.

Menu from the Print button

In this way the Reporter uses this skills bank information to help you try to match qualified volunteers with jobs requesting specific skills.

Match in Jobs

In Jobs/Clients click the Match button match button on the Jobs screen to prepare a report listing all possible volunteers for this job based upon the volunteer's skills.

Match button in Jobs/Clients

Match report in Jobs/Clients

Match report

Add a Skill Value to the Skills List

Add a Skill - Job/Clients Reference Codes

If your desired skill is not on the list, you can add the skill one of two ways. The first is in Reference Codes for Job/Client Codes.

The Skills menu

Add a skills value

Add a Skill - Volunteer Fields

The second way to add a Skill is in Field Lists. You can add a new Skill from the Volunteer Field Lists:
File Menu | Field Lists | Volunteer Fields

Scroll to the Skills field, which is line 109 when the Reporter is first installed. Click in the field to get the arrow on the left. Click Edit List.

Select the Skills field and click Edit List

Click the Add button to add a skill. Type the skill. Then click OK.

Add a skill

Close the Field Lists to save your addition. If you had the Volunteer Profile open you need to close and reopen it to refresh the list.

Skills Reports

We have a Skills Report which should work for you. It gives the skill name, the volunteer's name, phone numbers and email address. You can run the report as-is and fast forward to the skills of interest, or make a filter on specific skills.

Reports | Volunteer Reports | Volunteer Skills

To make a filter on a particular skill, open Filters in the top menu bar.

To run the Volunteer Skills report for only those skills, select the new filter.


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