Terminal Server

From what we've heard from customers, the Reporter works fine on Terminal Server, the descendent of RDC which some small satellite offices use. Many users employ Citrix. We are not networking experts and we have no way to test those remote setups so we have to rely on customer reports. So, the Reporter is not "supported," per se, on a thin client because we have no expertise in setting one up, but we believe it works fine.

The only problem people sometimes have is misunderstanding the way the Reporter ought to be installed. The Reporter is designed to access a data folder, typically located on a local server, using Windows file sharing. Each workstation user needs full read and write access to that share. The Volunteer Reporter software is installed on each workstation and only the data folder resides on the server.

If the database is accessed remotely or through a thin client, there need to be several instances installed to accommodate multiple users, as in Citrix.

Someone is using Server 2008. The server version does not matter because the Reporter uses simple Windows File Sharing and the server does not run the database software (unless you are using virtual desktops). The reporter works on any Windows system, 32 and 64 bit. Make sure to allow for DEP if the Reporter doesn't open.


A single license of the Volunteer Reporter allows you to use the Reporter on unlimited work stations as long as each work station is in the same office. If the work stations are in separate locations/offices, we require that you purchase a copy of the Reporter for each additional location, no matter where the data resides or how it is accessed. We do offer substantial discounts for multiple copies.


One unusual user runs only one Windows computer on which they use Windows Server 2003. They use Remote Desktop from Linux to access the Reporter. In their case only one user needs to access it, but they do have terminal services - we were told the server allows as many users as they have licenses.


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