Terminate a Volunteer

To terminate a volunteer, open Volunteers | find the volunteer | Dates & Info tab | Edit | click the Terminate button | OK. Be sure to give the volunteer a Termination Cause, perhaps "temporary" or "health problems." Be consistent so that you can filter on that value for mailing labels or other inquiries.

Select a Cause of Termination. Then click OK.

When you click OK to confirm terminating the volunteer, a message usually says, "Do you want to terminate this volunteer and all of the placements for this volunteer?" You must click "Yes" or else not terminate the volunteer.

terminate confirmation message

If you need to add categories to the Termination Cause, click on Reference Codes | Causes-of-Termination Add | and type a new category.

Any changes to the Reference Codes will not display on the Volunteer screen until you close and reopen Volunteers to refresh the data.

To add a new category in the middle of a termination procedure, you would have to cancel the procedure and go change the Causes-of-Termination values. Alternatively, you could change the Causes-of-Termination value after terminating the volunteer and then edit the volunteer's record in the Inactive section.


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