Upgrade Installation of Reporter - and Touch-Screen Assistant

First: Backup the Reporter Data

  1. Open the Volunteer Reporter
  2. File menu | Backup
  3. Click the file folder icon to the right of the "Put the backup in:" field browse icon
  4. Scroll up to navigate to the desktop to save the file there [or wherever you prefer].
  5. Click OK. Click OK again
  6. Check the box to add the date to the file name. It will be named something like VRdata_20110729.zip
  7. If you get a message that some files were skipped or somebody else is using the Reporter, then you have not gotten a good backup because some file somewhere is in use. Sometimes Windows traps a file. Rebooting the computers often helps.
  8. Do not proceed until you have a good backup.stopCall us.
  9. Check whether this computer is 64 bit, if so install appropriately.

Determine the Path to the Data

Install the Volunteer Reporter on the first workstation

Upgrade the database

Install the Volunteer Reporter on all the workstations

Manually Patch the Volunteer Reporter

Use this only if the Reporter cannot perform a Live Update during the installation process, download and run the manual patch: vr57patches.exe. In those cases when you cannot run Live Update, you will need to run the patch file on each workstation since the executable modifies the Program folder rather than putting patch files on the server for everyone.

Upgrade/Install the Touch-Screen Assistant

Backup Procedure for the Volunteer Reporter

Since version 5.7 a backup can be performed when the Reporter and the Touch-Screen Assistant are in use.

Reporter versions earlier than 5.7 must close all but the one instance of the Reporter performing the backup and close all Touch-Screen Assistant instances.

  1. Open the Volunteer Reporter, have only the main menu open.
  2. Click on File menu | Backup.
  3. Click the file folder icon to the right of the "Put the backup in" field
  4. Scroll if necessary to navigate to the drive where the backup will be saved.
  5. Click the plus sign [+] next to the drive to open it. It becomes a minus sign [-].
  6. Click on the name of the backup folder to highlight it.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Verify the path.
  9. The file always used to be named simply VRdata.zip, but since version 5.7 you can have the date added automatically so that it will not overwrite the previous backup. Check the checkbox to add the date.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Finished. Now you can keep the file as a backup. This is handy to attach to an email to send to support sometimes when we need to look at your data.
  12. Click OK to close.

Note: VR does not prompt you if it is overwriting a backup file. Saving with different dates provides insurance for the rare occasion when you'd like to rollback to a previous iteration of the database.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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