Why Upgrade to v6.1?

You can get back on board with the technical support/upgrade of the Reporter for $400. Your purchase includes one year of unlimited toll free support and two upgrades - to v6.1 (current version) and v6.2 when it becomes available the following year.

As you know, CNCS has made several changes to your reporting requirements. It is one of the reasons we upgrade the Reporter each year. Volunteer Software has made every effort to provide you with software that includes these changes, for example a utility in v6.0 to convert your Services Categories and Issue Areas to the then current list of Service Categories and Focus Areas. It also enables you to produce the new CNCS Station Rosters.

Version 6.1 helps with more of the requirements from CNCS, for example, identifying each volunteer's primary job and other performance measures.

As a bonus, 6.1 allows you to customize even more than ever with nearly limitless custom codes for volunteers, stations and jobs.

For more details, take a look at What's New 6.1.


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