Upgrade Wizard v6.0

After you install a new version of the Reporter the data needs to be upgraded. Login as the user and open the Reporter. The Wizard will walk you through backing up your data first. Backing up is essential and easy.

Verify/select your current version number. OK.

Click: Help me backup my data now. Backup the data even if there are network backups. The Reporter's backup is quick and instantly accessible. The Wizard makes it simple.

Click Next. And then Next again on the Ready to Upgrade screen.

Upgrading, Indexing, and Checking your Data can take a while, depending upon your volume of data and network speed. Do not cancel even if it appears to be doing nothing. Windows does not always know what is happening on the server.

The Completing the Upgrade Wizard screen can be closed by clicking OK.

Senior Corp programs ought to pay attention to the note about converting Service Categories, but all others may disregard that notice.

On networked computers the data needs to be upgraded only on the first computer. After that, the Reporter software is installed on every other workstation choosing Program Only. The new version connects to the already upgraded data.


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