Volunteers Without Email Addresses

To get a list of those who don't have email addresses:

Here are some instructions, which might help you even though they may not be exactly step-by-step.

To create mailing labels for non email recipients, you will need to create a spreadsheet. Using that spreadsheet as your data source in Microsoft Word.

Select the Volunteers Spreadsheet

Once the spreadsheet is generated you want to sort it by Highlighting the eMail Address column.

Sort the Volunteers Spreadsheet

Click on Data | Sort. On the Sort Warning box allow for it to expand the selection so that all of the data remains attached to the specific volunteer.

Click on Data | Sort.

Sort Warning: expand the selection

Sort in Descending Or Ascending order to sort the blanks to the top or the bottom of your list.

Sort on the eMail Address column.

Highlight all the rows of volunteers who have email addresses and delete them. Save the spreadsheet to use as the data source for a merge file of the volunteers who do not have email addresses.


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