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In order for Volunteers and Supervisors to login to the Web Assistant, they need to each have an active placement. In order for the Web Assistant to know they have placements, Job(s) need to be uploaded to the Web Assistant with a send-and-receive including a count on the Jobs screen. Most organizations want to display only some jobs on their site to eliminate those which are filled or not accepting volunteers at the moment. Using a filter during the send-and-receive accomplishes this.

Make the Filter

You can name the filter something like Web Jobs, Jobs to Upload, or Future Positions, whatever makes sense to you.

Mark the jobs you want volunteers to see on the Web Assistant.

Dummy or Generic Job

Some organizations do not want to post jobs on the Web, preferring to screen applicants first or decide to which job to place them. Or, events driven jobs might not be available yet. In these situations, since the Web Assistant needs to upload Jobs in order to upload placements to enable volunteers to login, you can create a single generic job to upload as a placeholder. In these cases the Job Description tab allows you to provide information about your job assignment process.

For instance, if you actually want no jobs listed on the Web while awaiting job openings, you can make a Future Event Job.

Set up the Station and a Job at that Station.

To Add a Job in the Reporter:

This example creates a job called Future Event Jobs, explaining when volunteers can sign up for them.

Now make a Future Event Jobs filter.

Select the placeholder job.

Send-And-Receive Jobs with the Filter

When you upload Jobs from the Web Assistant with a send-and-receive, whatever is already on the site will be replaced by the currently uploaded Job(s).

Before you click Count & Prepare on the Send-Jobs-to-the-Web-Assistant screen, set your filter, in this image either the "Future Event Jobs" or the "Web Jobs" filter.

Web Assistant Job(s) Listed

On your Web Assistant site, only the Job(s) you selected in the filter appear on the list. The volunteer can learn more about a job by clicking it to read the description.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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