What's New in Volunteer Reporter v6.1

Volunteer Reporter v6.1 splash screenThese tutorials discuss enhancements that will be available in Volunteer Reporter v6.1, scheduled for shipping the end of June.

In the Reporter's Help menu select What's New in Version 6.1 for more new features. You can also view a video overview of what is new.

For your convenience, we have reposted the official government document for 2012 CNCS Performance Measures. Senior Corps programs can download the 2.2 MB pdf for reference. Right-click the link and save it to your computer.

Overview of What's New in Version 6.1

Station and Job/Client Interface

Volunteer Reporter v6.1 CD caseStations and Jobs use the improved profile interface.

Performance Measurements

For our customers associated with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), we have included new features to assist in collecting, tracking, and reporting on performance.

Primary Placements - Unduplicated Volunteers

On some reports, the CNCS requires that volunteers be counted only once, no matter how many different jobs they perform. To meet this requirement, each placement can now be marked as being "primary." The Reporter ensures that each volunteer has only one primary placement and makes it easy to set the primary placement from either the Placement, Volunteer, or Job screen (where you can mark individually or all placements at a single job as being primary).

Placements - new Features

You can now manage a job's volunteers right from the Jobs/Clients | Volunteers screen. This mirrors what you can do with placements from the volunteer screen.

You can edit a placement from either volunteer or job and move it to another job (from volunteer) or to another volunteer (from job) and all of the hours will move with it. (You cannot do that from Placements.)

New Reports

All of these improvements and more are explained in the electronic manual:
In the Reporter | Click on Help | What's New.


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