What's New in v6.2

Volunteer Reporter v6.2

There are several ways to see what is new in version 6.2. Our website gives a quick overview. In addition, the manual that is in the Reporter on the Help menu and Reporter.pdf on the software CD provide a What's New menu for current and previous version enhancements.

Hours Sorting

On the hours grid, the newest are always shown at the top instead of the bottom.

Reports - Placement Counts and Details

We added two new reports, but since each report can be run multiple ways, it's really like nine new reports. The new Placement Counts report shows the number of placements during a period of time and how many were actively served. The new Placement Details report shows when each placement started and ended along with the number of hours served during the period. Running in order by Job could be very useful to see which volunteers are the most (and least) active.

These two new reports replace the previous Inactive Volunteer reports. The new ones show more information and are more flexible in how they can be run. At the same time, we grouped these and some others similar reports into a new menu section of Placement Reports.

Reports | Placements
Placement Counts
- Sort by Volunteer, Station, Job combinations
Placement Details
- Sort by Volunteer, Station, Job combinations
- Include all Placements
- Just Placements with Zero Hours
- Just Placements with Hours Served
Placements History
- Sort by Volunteer, Station, Job combinations
Volunteers Without Placements as of a Single Date
- Sort by Alphabetical or Starting Date
Volunteers Without Placements During a Period of Time
- Sort by Alphabetical or Starting Date
Placements History
- Sort by Volunteer, Station, Job combinations
Primary Placements
- Sort by Volunteer, Job/Client, or Station
Profiles Reports for Volunteers, Stations & Jobs
You can select the fields you want to include.

Active Only Placements

On the Placements screen, you can now choose to view just active placements by just clicking a box.

More Lists for Jobs/Clients

We have included 5 new lists to be used for Jobs/Clients. These are similar to the skills list where you can check more than one skill for each job/client. For example, if you want to keep track of the special needs required by individual clients, you could set up one of these new fields to track items like bathroom, dressing, feeding, transportation. You could check as many as needed for every client.

Of course, you can leave them turned off unless you need them, rename them, rearrange them, and set the values for them, all from the Field Lists screens.

Bulk Replacements

We created a new, easy to use wizard which enables you to update a single field for many (or all) records at once. For example, for every volunteer missing an entry for County you could enter "Franklin". The wizard guides you every step so that you can efficiently fill in gaps or errors that may have worked into your data over the years.

New Service Activity Reports

We added two new statistics reports, Service Activity Counts and Service Activity Details. These reports can be very handy to help complete grant applications. They show the number of volunteers and hours served at each service activity splitting them out by whether it is an unduplicated volunteer at their primary placement or not.

Reports | Service Activity
Service Activity Counts
Service Activity Details

Touch-Screen Assistant v6.2

Touch-Screen Assistant Enhancements

You can choose to show an additional welcome message on the touch-screen monitor such as who to call for help using the touch-screen.

We supply an additional color choice for signing out in order to help differentiate for your volunteers.

You can choose to have volunteers automatically signed out at midnight or some other daily time.

Bar Code Sign In

If you use the Touch-Screen Assistant and your volunteers have ID badges, they can sign in with a scanner instead of with a PIN. The Touch-Screen Assistant will accept input from any kind of scanner such as bar code, magnetic strip, or RFID reader. After scanning their ID badge, the volunteer still has to select which job, but they no longer have to remember a PIN.

Mini Surveys

As your volunteers sign in on the Touch-Screen Assistant, you can ask them questions and get responses from them. You can ask a question of a single volunteer, a group, or from everyone.

TSA Changes.

TSA Changes in the Reporter


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