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Web Assistant Demonstration

Use these buttons to try out the Web Assistant. In real use, you will put four of these buttons onto your web site and visitors will immediately be able to review new job opportunities, apply to be a volunteer, and enter hours from home.

Sample Set 1 Sample Set 2 Sample Set 3

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Web Assistant
What is the Web Assistant?
It is a subscription service that enables your volunteers to enter their hours from home, look at new job opportunities, and apply to be a volunteer on-line.
Is it complicated?
No, we do all the heavy lifting, keeping it easy for you. You drop a few new buttons or links onto your web page and instantly your volunteers can enter their own hours. You manage it all from within the Volunteer Reporter.
So, it's on my web page?
Yes, you put four new buttons on your web page and from then on it looks like your web site. Although your volunteers are actually sent to our server, it happens seamlessly so it still looks like they are interfacing with your web page, not ours. They never see any advertising or reference to the Web Assistant.
How much does the Web Assistant cost?
$360/year with the first sixty days free. You also must subcribe to our yearly tech support & upgrade bundle.
What are all of these buttons?
Examples for you to use, copy, or ignore. Take our designs or do it yourself. To copy a single button, right click on it and "Save Picture As...".
How do I put these buttons on my web page?
It's an easy task for the person who designed your web page.
How do I know what to link my buttons to?
We'll tell you. We assign you a new account number, turn on your account, and email you the links you need to incorporate into your web site.
Can I just use it to accept new applicants, but not enter hours?
Yes, you control how to use the Web Assistant by which buttons/links you choose to put onto your web page. If you don't want your volunteers to enter their own hours, just leave that button off.
Can I control how many hours my volunteers enter?
Yes, from within the Volunteer Reporter you manage it all and you have the final say as to whether to accept the posted hours or not.
Is my data safe and secure?
Yes, it is very safe and secure. Your data is stored on a server in a data center with redundant power and internet connections, biometric security protocols, and it is backed up every night. A huge measure of security is accomplished by never sending important information over the Internet. The only data that is sent over the Internet are volunteer's names, their job placements, and hours they have served. No addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or other identifying characteristics. In the worse case, a hacker could steal a lot of random names that would mean nothing. He wouldn't even know what state these people lived in. Your data is still as secure as always on your own computer.
Where is the Volunteer Center of Metropolis?
Nowhere, it's a made up place that we use for demonstrations. In real life, it will be replaced by a graphic of your own web site.
We don't have a web site yet, do we need one?
Yes, you need to first have at least a basic web site before using the Web Assistant because without it, your volunteers have no starting point.
Can I buy just the Web Assistant?
No, it's an add on module for people who already use the Volunteer Reporter.

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